Grab your mates, set a date, and don’t forget to donate

In 2016, Make It Yours… At home, at the office, ANYWHERE!

Dine at Mine is simple, fun and exciting. We invite you to gather a bunch of your favourite people over a meal and ask your guests to donate to Camp Quality to help create a better quality of life for kids living with cancer.

Dine at Mine is designed for you to make it what you want!
You choose the style of event that best suits your lifestyle, preference and budget.


Dine and Dish

Still unsure if Dine at Mine is for you? Hear direct from some of our Dine at Mine super stars, on how easy and fun hosting a Dine at Mine can be.

Dine and Dish - Ann Kemeny


Ann Kemeny


At Home
Dinner Party for 27


Victoria Robinson


At Home
Dinner & Dance Party

Dine and Dish - Mortgage Choice Newtown


Mortgage Choice Newtown


At Work
Spanish Themed Fiesta

How your support helps

Today, two families will be told the devastating news that their child has cancer. Imagine, for a second, if that was a child in your family.

The same news will be delivered to two families every day in Australia.

By the end of the year, the amount of children living with cancer in Australia would fill Sydney Opera House.

Camp Quality has specially devised programs that build optimism and resilience for children and their families. These programs give families an essential break from the stresses of cancer, throughout each stage of their cancer journey: at hospital, at home, at school and away from it all.

But, currently, Camp Quality can only reach one in three children living with cancer. You can help us reach every child living with cancer in Australia by donating, volunteering or attending one of our fundraising events.


Dine at Mine
Dine at Mine