At Home - Dinner Party for 27, Ann Kemeny, VIC

Ann hosted a dinner party with 27 guests for her Dine at Mine. She did an amazing job receiving over 30 donations from local businesses and raising over $4,000 for children living with cancer!

“Dine at Mine gives everyday people an opportunity to fundraise, irrespective of what level. It can be a small, intimate dinner, or a larger function. Whatever works for you. The important thing to remember, any donation is a good one” – Ann Kemeny

At Home - Ann Kemeny

1. What did you do for your Dine at Mine?
I organized a Sunday luncheon for 27 people. That was the most I could possibly seat. I had a 5 course meal, and charged $20 per head. (that was my first mistake) Next year, it will be $40.

We had: Drinks (I provided the wine, red and white , most donated from Dan Murphy’s with small quiches, vegetarian and meat options, and savoury puff pastries which I had made. Zuchinni and Leek soup and I had the vegetables donated from Scicluna’s, from Tooronga village in Hawthorn East.

Entrée was a prawn and salmon cocktail, with guacamole, tomato salsa, and aioli. The seafood was donated from SMSeafood at the South Melbourne Market. Approximately $100 worth.

Main was crumbed chicken with a basil sauce. Chicken donated from Rainbow Meats at The Well, in Hawthorn. My lamb backstraps, were donated from a supplier that Relish Café uses in Tooronga. The vegetable consisted of creamed cauliflour, pea puree, mushroom sauce and green beans. Camberwell fruit and veg contributed to the vegetables, avacado’s, salsa and cos lettuce, basil and potato’s. I baked the potato’s in duck fat, and some in olive oil, as we had a vegetarian. For the vegetarian, she had Salmon in a bag, with ginger, lemon, spring onion. Dessert consisted of cheese cakes, an AMAZING wheel of brie, from Pickadeli at the South Melbourne Market, and a fresh fruit platter, from South Melbourne Market, Boisdale. Coffee and chocolates, from the Chocolate box in Camberwell.

I had so much dessert left over, that I am having a morning tea tomorrow, and hopefully make a little more money.

2. Why did you decide to host a Dine at Mine?
I saw the ad on the TV And thought, I can do this. I am unable to go on fun runs to raise money, but I can entertain and cook a decent meal. And of course, what a fantastic charity, helping kids and their families with cancer, and easing their pain, when they are going through so much.

3. Did you get any support from businesses/friends to help with your Dine at Mine?
The businesses that I approached were FANTASTIC. Not only helping me out with produce, but gift certificates that I could auction off and raffle. I sold raffle tickets on the day for $10 each, and everyone received a prize.Items worth more than $100 were auctioned off.

4. Why do you think others should host a Dine at Mine?
It is a pleasure knowing that you are helping someone that you will probably never meet, and whom is going through a torrid time. It does not require a HUGE amount of work, certainly some, approaching businesses, however most are happy to help. Having the utensils of the printed request is helpful in that it establishes that you are a genuine fundraiser. That was another reason I banked any money I received up front from the people coming to the luncheon, so that businesses could see that it was a genuine thing. Watching your donations grow and receiving an email, saying that someone has donated is the best way to wake up to your computer.

5. Is there anything else you would like to say about your Dine at Mine?
Dine at Mine gives everyday people an opportunity to fundraise, irrespective of what level. It can be a small, intimate dinner, or a larger function. Whatever works for you. A barby in the back yard. The important thing to remember, any donation is a good one.

6. Will you be doing Dine at Mine again?
Will definitely do it again next year. I have enjoyed the experience, as did all my guests. However, my daughter is getting married next year, and we will have to see which month so that I can put my efforts into that. However, as I said previously, whatever works for the individual concerned. I am now trying to think of ways to work smarter, not harder. In general, people are extremely generous and traders have been exceptionally generous helping me organize this function. I think it is important to acknowledge their efforts, and I will be making Camp Quality Certificates of Thank You for your support and laminating them, so that they can advertise in their business that they are wonderful people.

Dine at Mine
Dine at Mine