At Work - Lunch with colleagues, Simon Rountree, Sydney

Camp Quality’s CEO Simon hosted a Mexican Fiesta in the office this week to kick start the 2016 campaign and get all the staff in the Dine at Mine mood. He encouraged us all to dig deep and remember what a real difference Dine at Mine makes to kids living with cancer by funding programs that build optimism and resilience.

We decided to ask them a few questions about how they made Dine at Mine theirs and what helped them with reaching their fundraising target. Maybe their story will provide inspiration for planning your own Dine at Mine.

1. What did you do for Dine at Mine 2016?
This year for our office Dine at Mine I worked with one of the offices star cooks, and served a Mexican fiesta, we had a varying range of chillies from mild to very hot plus catered for the vegetarians. This was all served with array of usual Mexican sides. It was such a nice day so we set-up a bunch of tables out the front of our offices.

2. How did you ensure your guests had a good time and were engaged?
We made sure we gave plenty of notice to everyone, so they wouldn’t bring their lunch that day, and also enticed them with a few teasers leading up to the day with what we would be serving.

I also send the link to my fundraising page out to everyone first, and asked people to donate directly online prior, my page also included a little story of one of our campers I had met recently, which was a little reminder of why we are hosting a Dine at Mine.

We were also lucky enough to have some of our corporate volunteers in our office for the day, so we invited them to participate and get a feel of our organisations culture.

As an extra little treat as I really wanted everyone to dig deep, and in true Camp Quality style I did a novelty lucky dip, so people got to pick a mystery prize once they had received their food.

3. Why do you think others should host a Dine at Mine event?
Not only is it a fantastic way to raise funds to assist us in delivery our essential programs and services. It is a great way to introduce social bonding and a positive vibe in the workplace environment. Studies have shown that when employees are genuinely happy, they are more engaged, and from their increased drive, rising profits in the long term can be achieved. The key to happiness in the workplace is to create, and maintain, a positive environment that allows your employees to be engaged, to find value in their work, and thus foster innovation.

Dine at Mine
Dine at Mine