What to do before your event

  • Set-up your fundraising page
  • Pick a date and select a venue
  • Make it yours – choose the theme, cuisine, style that best suits you
  • Ask for help – many hands make light work, partner up with a friend or family member to create an event without additional pressure
  • Spread the word and invite your guests


Host an Event – Ingredients (1024×683)

Host an Event - Method

How to get the most out of your event

  1. Start planning and work out what food, drink and decorations you might need
  2. Ask for support to help reduce costs, it’s a great idea to approach local businesses to donate food, drinks, prizes, etc
  3. Tell the world because the more people that know what you are doing, the more likely you will gain supporters
  4. Remind your guests and make the magic happen
  5. Enjoy the event! After all the preparation you’ve put in it’s time to enjoy your Dine at Mine with your favourite people


Kitchen’s closed. What’s next?

  1. Celebrate you success! And say thank you to everyone who supported your Dine at Mine
  2. Bank your donations – using either EFTPOS, Cash or Cheque, Credit Card or BPAY
  3. Return your receipt book if you requested one

…And that’s it (apart from starting to pre-plan for next year)!


Host an Event - Results (1024x683)

Dine at Mine
Dine at Mine