So where do you start? What to do before your event? Well like every great recipe with the right ingredients! Whether you’re a first time host or if you’ve become a seasoned pro, here are some tips to help you get started.

Personalise your online fundraising page

It’s a great tool to use to let people see details of your Dine at Mine and allow people to make donations. Make sure to update your page with posts and photos of your progress in planning your event. It’s a great tool to also thank and acknowledge your supporters and any businesses that have donated goods along the way.


Pick a date

The official months of Dine at Mine are August & September. Remember the more notice you give your guests, the better! Also make sure you let us know the date you plan to host, this way we can keep track of your progress, and allows us to send you all the right goodies at the right time to help you along the way.


Make it yours – choose the theme, cuisine, style that best suits you

Dine at Mine is designed for you to make it yours, but just in case you wanted some new ideas on turning your everyday dining event into a Dine at Mine, we’ve got you covered.

Download one of our pre-made host guides for at home, at work, at sport or in the community, or check out our Dine and Dish page to hear direct from some of our Dine at Mine super stars, on how easy and fun hosting a Dine at Mine can be!

Select a venue

The good thing about Dine at Mine is you can take it anywhere. If you don’t have the space at home, take it to the park for a BBQ Lunch, speak to your local bar, café or restaurant to see if they can help you out with the space.

Ask for help

Many hands make light work, partner up with a friend or family member to create an event without additional pressure.

Spread the word and invite your guests

Invite as many people as you and your venue can handle. Invite your guests by text, email, create a Facebook Event, or use one of our pre-designed invitations that you will find among the downloadable resources on our Utensils page.


Dine at Mine
Dine at Mine