How to get the most out of your event! We’ve got the right method to get the job done right, from making the donation process as easy as possible for your guests, to ideas on how to entertain your guests in the true Camp Quality spirit.

1. Start planning

Work out what food, drink and decorations you might need and decide whether you will sell tickets/set a price for guests to attend.

You want to ensure you make donating to your Dine at Mine easy as possible for guests! So you may decide to set a price per person for each person to attend prior to your event to make it easier for people to donate and contribute to your event. You’d ask them to pay just like they would for a meal if they were eating out, and get them to pay the amount directly on to your online fundraising page.

Still not sure where to start? Should you need some additional inspiration when starting to plan your event, pop over to read some previous host stories on our Dine and Dish page, or download one of our pre-made host guides for at home, at work, at sport or in the community.

2. Ask for support

There are many ways you can ask for support from your existing networks to help reduce the cost of your Dine at Mine and edge closer to reaching your fundraising target:

  • Approach local businesses and ask for food/beverage donations or raffle prizes/ auction items
  • Ask your workplace if they can dollar match your fundraising or if they can donate any product and services you can include in your auction or raffle
  • Let local media including newspapers and radio that you’re hosting a Dine at Mine, especially if your plan on hosting a public event


3. Tell the world

The more people that know what you are doing, the more likely you will gain supporters. So use social media to let friends know your hosting an event and join the conversation with other hosts.

Social media is the best place to let people know you’re hosting a Dine at Mine to support a cause you’re passionate about. First up create an event through Facebook and invite all your guests. Not only communicate to your invited guests about what you are doing, post to your feed, make sure your Aunty that lives overseas, your old school friends, and people that you aren’t always able to catch up with know, and encourage them to support you with donating directly to your online fundraising page. Your friends are the ones most likely to want to help you reach your goal. Upload Dine at Mine social media tags, like our Facebook page for dining tips and tricks, share our Facebook status updates and share your planning pics with us using the #dineatmine hashtag.


4. Remind your guests and make the magic happen

Introduce the cause – Remind your guests and supporters why you are doing this. You’ve decided to host a Dine at Mine in 2016, because you want to help create a better life for kids living with cancer, and you LOVE the work Camp Quality does, but do your supporters know about us, and what we do, and why you have chosen us to raise the money for? Why not tell them about it before they arrive at your event, post through Facebook, on your online fundraising page and even have the info available on the night as well.

Make it easy for guests to donate on the day – There are various ways you can make it easy for your guests to donate. Ask your guests to donate what they can or what they think the meal was worth to help children living with cancer.

  • Have a donation box set up at your event (or scatter a few around)
  • Have a laptop/tablet set up with your fundraising page open for guests to donate online there and then throughout your event
  • Make a time when everyone stops around the table to donate in cash or on their mobile to your fundraising page

Entertain you guests – You can easily boost your fundraising on the day by hosting an auction or raffle. Ask your suppliers, clients or local businesses to donate items or services to auction off or sell raffle tickets to win on the day.
In true Camp Quality style – add some FUN THERAPY to your event. Fundraising games, quizzes, challenges and competitions are another great way to entertain and have fun while raising funds. You could have a taboo word jar, set up a coin toss game, a best dressed competition or challenge everyone to go for the duration of the event without their mobile and anyone who checks it gets charged a fine.

5.Enjoy the event!

After all the preparation you’ve put in it’s time to enjoy your Dine at Mine with your favourite people. Take some photos and videos of the night. Don’t forget to share it through social media and use the #dineatmine hashtag.

Dine at Mine
Dine at Mine