Kitchen’s closed. What’s next? See how you bank all your donations and to make sure that you’ve ticked everything off your to do list… And that’s it (apart from starting to pre-plan for next year)!

1. Celebrate you success and say thank you to everyone who supported your Dine at Mine

Thank your guests for coming and finalise your fundraising. Once the events over, it’s important to thank your guests for attending, for their generosity, and provide them with an update on how much money you all raised on the night. (This is the first step to gaining their support for next year as well.)

If there are any guests that said they still need to donate or you’re still a bit short of reaching your target, it’s a great opportunity to gently remind people there’s still time to donate by resending the link to your online fundraising page. You could even share your fundraising page via social media again to ask guests you were unable to invite to kindly make a donation.

2. Bank your donations

There are multiple online and offline options (EFTPOS, Cash or Cheque, Credit Card or BPAY) for banking your donations after your Dine at Mine Event has come to an end. Ask your guests to donate via your online fundraising page, or if your guests have provided you with cash donations bank them using a personal pledge form.


3. Return your receipt book if you requested one

If you requested a receipt book with your Host Kit, we must get your book back even if you didn’t use it. Please make sure you return this within 3 weeks of hosting your event, and return to:
Camp Quality
PO Box 400
Epping NSW 1710

Dine at Mine
Dine at Mine